Setting the record straight regarding complaints made about me during the 2018 Victoria Mayoral Election

Who I Am

Who is Stephen Hammond


About Stephen Hammond

I’ve lived in Victoria, B.C. since 2005. I met my partner, Jack Boomer, here in Victoria in 2000 and we got married in 2007. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Manitoba in 1981 and a Juris Doctor from Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto in 1987. I was called to the B.C. Bar in 1988 and have been a member of the Law Society of B.C. since that time. Since I don’t “hang out a shingle” in the private practice of law, I have been a non-practicing member for many years. My last “real job” was in labour relations in 1991 and since that time I have a consulting practice as a professional speaker, with an expertise in workplace behaviour. In particular, I help Canadian workplace managers stay out of legal hot water by understanding and addressing issues of harassment, bullying, discrimination and any other weird behaviours. I am the author of three books. Throughout my life I have been an activist for community issues. I was part of group called Renters at Risk, when the BC government was allowing “renovictions” from unscrupulous landlords. Over the years I’ve sat on the boards of the Tenant Resource and Advisory Centre, The Western Institute for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, and Our Place. I’ve been an active member of Big Brothers Big Sisters starting when I was 23 in Winnipeg and now Ii am matched with my fourth “little brother” here in Victoria. I started a group called “Mad as Hell Victoria” when our provincial and municipal governments did nothing to stem the tide of crime, harassment and intimidation for the community living and working near the infamous tent city on the park on the land of Victoria’s Courthouse. From that time, people asked me to run for mayor of Victoria, which I consistently said, “no.” A year before the October 20, 2018 Victoria municipal election, I was part of group called with a desire to find and run candidates for mayor and council with a focus on common sense. Our group found four candidates to run for council and without a viable candidate to defeat Mayor Lisa Helps, I agreed to run. We all lost, although came close. I came in second, garnering more votes than all the other “losing” candidates combined.